Unleashing The Potential Of A Home That Won’t Sell

How Staging Turns a ‘Stuck’ Home Into A Star.

What can vendors do to break the cycle of no interest in a home that has plenty to offer but just won’t sell? Read our blog to find out.

The Negative Spiral.

Every vendor hopes for the dream house sale; a great agent who organises plenty of viewings with eager buyers clamouring to offer the very best price followed by a swift and problem free completion. If that has been your experience – we salute you, well done.

Sometimes, however, a house just gets stuck on the market and the longer it sticks for, the more suspicious buyers become.  ‘What’s wrong with it? Why hasn’t it sold? If it hasn’t sold by now, there must be a problem….’ Those suspicions become a barrier to viewing and the house remains unsold, unseen in a downward spiral of negativity which usually results in a drastic reduction in price – not ideal.

Empty homes have no appeal

One thing we know for sure is that empty homes simply do not appeal to buyers. With 99% of viewings generated from online searches, empty rooms do not compete well against furnished properties and potential buyers scroll on by. The finest of homes can feel unloved and soulless when empty and the longer a property stands empty, the more neglected it tends to look.

Turning the tables

If you find yourself in a jam with a house that nobody wants to view,  don’t despair. There are strategies employed by professional home stagers like The Home Styling Company which can stop the decline and tempt those buyers back through the door in droves.

Project Northampton – a case in point

A lovely house in beautiful Northamptonshire was offered for sale but fell victim to the problems we’ve been describing. It was a perfect storm of negativity. The ex-rental home had been offered for sale unfurnished and empty and had had no interest or viewings for several months. The initial agent had not done a great job; in the listing details some rooms had not been labelled and some had been missed altogether.

With zero interest and no viewings, the agent did nothing more than advise the dreaded price reduction – in this case, by £30,000. Understandably, the vendor had become totally disillusioned

New Strategy

The Home Styling Company were called in to assist and we realised immediately a new approach was needed. Although we are completely impartial, we work with enough Estate Agents to know a good one when we see them so we recommended a change of listing and the vendor signed with Haig Property Professionals – an energetic and highly competent agent we know have their clients’ best interests at heart.

The Turnaround

Adam Young from Haig gave the vendor some honest feedback and went on to organise some remedial decorating, a garden tidy and some essential maintenance. The property was spacious, light and contemporary. The floors, fixtures and fittings were luxurious but even this high spec finish still wasn’t enough to tempt viewers while all the rooms were empty.

The Home Styling Company team stepped in to complete the transformation and worked our magic on the interior. After we installed furniture, furnishings and accessories we arranged new professional photographs for marketing and the house was re-offered for sale.

Guess what happened next?

Another win for professional staging as part of a focused approach in partnership with a great agent. Our collaborative project management took away the stress from the vendor and the new photographs of the staged home created a buzz online. With multiple viewings arranged, the staged home sold within two weeks.

Now that’s what we call a result.

Another win for Home Staging

Was the vendor wowed by the results of home staging?  Most definitely. Could professional staging sell your own stuck property? Why not call us today to find out how we can help?

For advice and assistance in staging an empty property, why not give us a call or drop us an email? We’ll help you make sure your home achieves the best price in the shortest possible time.

Denise and Stephen Cable


‘Must Know’ Staging Tips from the Professionals.

Hi Everyone

Home Staging has become an absolute must for savvy sellers in today’s market. Whether you decide to go DIY or hire a company like ours to help you, it’s vital to make sure your home stands out from the crowd. Take a look at our 'Must Know' Staging Tips.

‘Must Know’ Staging Tips From The Professionals.

According to a recent report by The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland published in Estate Agent Today (2019), staged properties sell three times faster than those that have not AND for up to 10% more than the unstaged equivalent.

Worth making some effort with home staging? Most definitely.

Before we begin, it’s important to clarify that Home Stagers are NOT interior designers. Whilst we have design skills aplenty, our role is in many ways the exact reverse of a designer. Designers are commissioned to ensure your home represents your particular personality and taste; what we do is the polar opposite.

Before selling, you’ll need to neutralise and depersonalise each room in order to help as many different types of potential buyer imagine themselves living there. The aim is to make the space look its absolute best but without putting anyone off who may not share your taste.

Almost all viewings in person these days are generated by online searches. If you want to stop buyers in their tracks while searching on platforms like Rightmove, you’ll need to post eye catching images of your home which stand out from all the hundreds of other homes for sale.

Follow our key rules and you’ll be on your way to selling success and if you need a hand, you know where to find us.

Staging Kerb Appeal

Buyers often indulge in a discreet ‘drive by’ before viewing so make sure your exterior landscape invites them to find out more. Mow front lawns, trim hedges, sweep or jet wash driveways, clean windows and make sure the approach to the house is clutter free. Fix any broken gutters, gates or fences and make sure your bins are discretely hidden away.

Be Objective

Once you have decided to sell, your home becomes a product. Ask for honest opinions from family and friends – ideally someone not particularly close to you who will give a truly honest account of what needs to be changed. Most homeowners are too emotionally connected to be objective about their home's contents. In the absence of a professional home stager, estate agents are usually good at offering advice around cosmetic improvement.

Show buyers your space, not your stuff.

In every room, implement a strategy of depersonalisation. Clear out every piece of non-essential décor and in particular, anything personal. Remove all nick nacks, photos and memorabilia – including anything framed and on the walls.  Remove excess furniture and furnishings. Consider how buyers might navigate and eventually use the space and clear natural pathways between rooms.

Consider some temporary storage away from the property to store surplus furnishings.

Get The Balance Right   

Once completely cleared, carefully choose select items to replace but choose only those items that enhance the look and even then, use them sparingly. If your walls look too bare after your purge, replace family pictures with low cost artwork or neutrally styled canvasses. Find the right balance between too sterile and too cluttered. Use Pinterest, magazine features or for inspiration.

Clean and Bright                                 

Every inch of your home should be thoroughly cleaned before inviting viewings. Consider a professional cleaning company to perform a one off deep clean or at the very least invest in a steam clean of all carpets, window dressings and upholstery.

From the ceiling down, dust, clean and polish every surface and appliance until they gleam. Everywhere should feel and smell fresh so buyers are not put off by the impression of an unkempt home. If you are presenting a grubby home, buyers might wonder what else you might have neglected to fix or mend.

Maximise your natural light sources by opening curtains and blinds fully and open windows to air the house. Turn on all the lights in the house to make rooms appear brighter and bigger.

Paint and Paper    

Consider any areas where some minor decorative work would make a major difference. Painting chipped or faded woodwork such as doors, bannisters and skirting boards can be done inexpensively but the overall effect is of a smartly finished property.  Remove any outlandish or very distinctive decorative touches – a very bold feature wall or unusually coloured paint choice for example. Replace them with a soft grey or bright white to provide a blank canvass for buyers. Ensure each room looks inviting without the need to immediately decorate which might not be within buyers’ budgets.  

Sorry….No Pets Allowed                     

Remove toys and pet accessories (and before photography or viewings, any sign of pets themselves inside the house). Ask a neighbour if they can watch your pet during a viewing, so you can stow away the dog bed or cat litter tray.

Kitchen Magic

Kitchens are always absolutely key to a viewing and should be immaculately presented. Buyers love lots of preparation space so clear countertops of appliances by putting items such as toasters, blenders or containers away out of sight to make the kitchen feel larger as a whole. Would a coat of fresh paint and new hardware like handles improve the look of your cabinetry for a very small investment?

Add a bunch of fresh flowers in a pretty vase for a welcoming touch and if there is a dining area such as a bar with stools or a table, then dress it with place settings to illustrate the flexible use of the space. We often use a colourful placemat or charger with white china on top for a chic, contemporary look.

Beautiful Bathrooms     

Make sure all your sanitaryware is gleaming and clean. Replacing old, tarnished taps and the grout between tiles will make a huge difference. Remove all mats, bins and personal toiletries. No loo brush or toilet rolls should be on show and make sure the loo seat is down.

Accessorize with a set of new, white towels and some luxurious toiletries but keep any other items to an absolute minimum to emphasize space.

Boutique Bedrooms                  

Take your inspiration from stylish boutique hotels by creating a calm, peaceful space in each bedroom. Keep fuss and clutter to a minimum and invest in some large, plump pillows and crisp, white bed linen to make resting spaces feel inviting.

So that’s our 'Must Know' staging tips for successful sales.

If you’re inspired, we wish you the very best of success in staging to sell. If you are selling an empty property or don’t have the time to devote to staging your home on your own, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be in touch to help you make sure your home achieves the best price in the shortest possible time.

Denise and Stephen Cable

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How do I Choose the Best Estate Agent to Sell my Home?

How do I Choose the Best Estate Agent to Sell my Home? This is a question we are frequently asked and as professional home stagers we are in a great position to offer an informed and impartial answer.

We specialise in staging to ensure homes sell faster and for the highest price. Our work brings us into daily contact with Estate Agents based all around the East Midlands.

Here's our guide to key considerations when choosing an agent – particularly if you haven’t moved home for a while.


Don’t assume that all agents are equal or that the only difference is the amount of commission you might pay.

The quality of service offered can range enormously and choosing the right agent will not only affect the speed of your sale but the price you can expect to receive for your property. That’s why time spent selecting an agent carefully will always reap rewards.

Even as recently as ten years ago there were High Street agents and very few other viable options which is not the case today. As well as traditional agency, you can opt for online agents or hybrid companies as well as those who also offer mortgage deals and finance packages.

Traditional agents tend to have a deeper understanding of local markets but charge more for their services. Online and hybrid agencies may charge lower fees but may offer a less detailed personal service and a lower level of support.

We can help and advise on which type of agent might suit your circumstances. Helping to sell homes is our business so we understand that every sale is different and that moving home is stressful enough.

The right choice of agent can make all the difference to the smooth running of the whole process.


Although home staging before putting your home on the market is always beneficial, we take an individual view of each property and create a look and feel that suits. In the same way, we can help you find the right agent by matching your needs to an agent experienced in selling your style, size and type of house. Agents skilled in selling homes like yours are more likely to have suitable buyers listed and waiting to view.

Regardless of size and guide price, there are some universal questions that every property owner should ask before engaging an agent to sell their home. Here are five of the most important: 


1. Do they come recommended?

First and foremost use word of mouth. Seek out personal recommendations or use the impartial advice of companies like  The Home Styling Company to give you a head start on which agents to approach. Ask your friends and family about choosing the best estate agents.

2. Is the Price Right?

Always ask at least three agents to offer a valuation and compare them carefully – they should be broadly the same. A valuation that differs greatly either way from the others should raise concerns.

A realistic asking price is key and the highest valuation is not necessarily the best. Some agents will overvalue only to advise a reduction in price in a few weeks by which time you may have missed out on motivated buyers who will wonder why the price has been dropped.

3. How will you market my home?

Look at the images potential agents are currently using for homes on their books to get a feel for their approach to property presentation.

Will your agent offer high quality staging services backed up by professional photography? On-line portals such as Rightmove or Zoopla are crucial elements in the selling process and excellent property presentation is vital to make your home stand out from the masses. Social media exposure and walk through videos are new tools that have become essential so make sure your potential agent offers them as standard.

4. What support will you offer?

Will your agent be on hand every step of the way? Will they conduct each viewing in person and offer constructive feedback after each one? Will they assist with staging and presentation to make sure you are maximising your home’s potential?

5. Fees - what is covered in my contract?

Most agents’ fees will be in the form of a percentage of the sale price  – usually between 1% and 2.5%. Agree what feels reasonable to you and remember that a low percentage fee is still nothing if your house fails to sell. Better to agree a fair rate and have an agent motivated to sell your home quickly and for the best price possible.

Read the small print… are you required to pay a fee even if you ultimately find your own buyer? Are you agreeing to ‘No Sale, No Fee’ or are you agreeing to pay for some costs such as photography even if you choose to back out?

Be aware of contract length – the average is 12 weeks. Don’t agree to be tied into a lengthy contract.

Are you confident your agent will keep everything moving after a sale is agreed? It is crucial that your Estate Agent is responsive, available and pro-active to keep buyers on track and prevent sales falling through.

Check everything carefully before signing on the dotted line.

Ask the experts about how to choose the best Estate Agent to Sell your Home

So that’s our essential guide to choosing an estate agent.

If you would like to discuss "how to Choose the Best Estate Agent to Sell your Home" with us further then please get in touch.

More blogs and success stories at the link:

Why not give us a call to find out how we can help you find the right agent or for any advice on how to sell your home quickly and with the minimum of stress? We’d love to hear from you.

Denise and Stephen Cable

The Home Styling Company



The Home Styling Company Celebrate A Global Excellence Award

The Home Styling Company Celebrate A Global Excellence Award. Another example of their Award Wining Property Staging. 

LUXlife Magazine have announced the recipients of their 2022  Global Excellence Awards and The Home Styling Company team are thrilled to be amongst the winners.       

We’re delighted to have been named the ‘Best Home Styling Company’ for the East Midlands in the awards which showcase companies and individuals achieving excellence in their industries. 

With a selection process renowned for fair and analytical comment towards some of the world’s most luxurious markets, businesses and service providers, the awards honour the contributions of those who aim above and beyond the competition.

Commenting on the winners of this year’s awards programme, Co-ordinator Gabrielle Ellis stated: ‘I offer my sincere congratulations to all the nominees and winners. You have demonstrated excellence within your chosen sector, regardless of whether that is on a global or local basis, to some of the world’s most discerning clientele. We are so excited to see what you achieve in 2022.’

Home Staging Services

The Home Styling Company provide a wide range of Show Home and Home Staging services to homeowners, developers, estate agents and property investors.

Our primary aim is to add value to your property sale, creating inspirational but achievable interiors in the process. Our staging will always be focused on your property style and target market ensuring we reach out to your widest possible audience by creating beautiful marketing images so you achieve the fastest sale at the highest price.

Award Winning

Founder and Creative Lead, Denise Cable reacted to the award by saying: ‘Winning a prestigious LUX Global Excellence Award further acknowledges the outstanding skills of our team which is very much appreciated. It’s a great endorsement of our continued hard work and dedication on behalf of our clients and is a wonderful start to 2022.’

Other blogs to show the power of Staging - Once Upon a Time in Leicestershire & A Tale of Two Houses.

Contact Denise  for Award Winning Property Staging.

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Show Homes for Savvy Developers!

The experts at The Home Styling Company explain how savvy developers use cost effective Show Homes to sell properties quickly and for the highest possible price.

We’ve been busy working with a series of property development companies lately and the Show Homes and results have been spectacular. Canny developers realise that staging homes to sell not only encourages many more viewings but those viewings are converting to rapid sales at prices higher than expected – something that every vendor strives for.


Would you shop for an expensive outfit for a special occasion and then forget to wear shoes? Thought not.

Staging is the final piece of the development jigsaw. When a renovated or newly built property is ready for sale, why not showcase it beautifully to achieve the very best return on your investment?

Even better, why not follow the lead of experienced developers and factor in the cost of staging from the very beginning?

We guarantee staging will cost far less than you think and be worth every penny when the added value appears on your bottom line.

Selling more than one house?

Recently we staged one home for a developer with five similar properties for sale in Evesham. It wasn’t necessary to stage all five properties; staging just one allowed buyers to really connect emotionally and see exactly how living there might look and feel. When the images were posted online, buyers were queuing up to view and all five homes sold quickly. The investment in staging one home triggered the sale of all five properties. The vendor was delighted and so were we.

Staging sets a home apart from many similar properties a potential buyer may have seen; it makes the difference between finding a home and just viewing a house.

It’s never too late for Show Homes to make a difference.

We know buyers are harder to persuade during the winter months so act now to stage those unsold, empty properties fast. It’s well documented that buyers make up their mind to buy a home as soon as they walk through the door so let us help you create that crucial first impression.


The Home Staging Report 2019 (Home Staging Association UK) report three key statistics from developers who took part in the research:

100% of developers saw staging increase the number of viewings.

100% of developers saw their staged properties sell faster than non-staged ones.

83% of developers said staging increased the offer price typically between 8 and 10% per property.

Affordable appeal

We offer cost effective Show Homes solutions to small to medium sized developers who may not have used a show home before. A fully dressed show-home can be delivered within two weeks from order to installation with no hassle or time commitment for the vendor whatsoever. We can scale up or down to make every size of empty house so much more appealing.

The Home Styling Company have won awards for our transformative skills and we style properties to sell – not just to look good. Never overdone or ‘glitzy’, we’ll plan the interior and supply just the right tasteful furnishings to highlight the best features of the property and showcase your hard work. Our furnishings can be purchased or rented and are often obtained by buyers who have fallen in love with the looks we create.


Transparent Pricing of all our Show Homes.

Our price includes all design, delivery, installation, styling and uplift and will incorporate your brief, brand, target market, budget and timescale.

We are very happy to recommend and liaise with estate agents to develop a marketing package on your behalf, including the professional photography which can also be used to help market your future development projects.

For more of our services see - Services

Don’t risk harming your overall profit margin through slow sales and a low perceived value of your product. We offer free, friendly and informal advice about your future plans and look forward to talking about how we can help.

To see more on our great results see our favourite blog - Once upon a time in Leicestershire – Property Styling Midlands

Denise and Stephen Cable

Property Staging Versus Interior Design

Defining the difference between Interior Design and Property Staging.

A very warm welcome to The Home Styling Company blog. This week we look at Property Staging in the UK and the difference with Interior Design. The sun is shining on the regional property market and our team has been busier than ever making all kinds of homes look their best before being offered for sale.


We’re grateful to everyone who responds to our posts and visits our website and we love hearing your questions about what we do. One thing that seems to cause plenty of confusion is the difference between home staging and interior design. We’ve outlined the difference between the two disciplines – you might be surprised to find out they aim to achieve completely contrasting results.

What is Property Staging?

Home Staging focuses on presenting a property to its best advantage so that it is sold or rented more quickly and at a better price. Home stagers aim to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers. A large part of our job is to help viewers imagine themselves living at that property and embracing the lifestyle we have created.

There are several techniques that The Home Styling Company team use to improve a property's appeal by transforming it into an attractive and welcoming package that will have buyers queuing up. Presenting the house in a neutral way for example, has proven to be an effective way to accelerate sales. We make use of decluttering and de-personalising techniques to make space for the next homeowner. We also use space carefully and add furnishings, accessories and furniture from our own collection to make the space sing.

This is how one veteran estate agent describes home staging: “It’s magical. It's beyond decorating and cleaning. Staging is about perfecting the art of creating moods. The process makes houses look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more loving and, best of all, it makes home buyers want to buy them... Instantly!”

Does Property Staging really work?

Yes it does and here’s a few quick facts to prove it… You’ll make more money and your property will sell faster - Staged homes spend, on average, half the time on the market than non-staged homes. You will make your money back - Staging can start from as little as a few hundred pounds, with an average staging investment of between 1 and 3% of the home’s asking price for full blown whole property furniture rental, which generates a return on investment of 8 to 10%. Generally, staged homes sell over 8% above asking price. Your online photos will stand out - 90% of buyers search online first. They spend 2 seconds on an advert without a photo, and 20 seconds on a listing with a good image. Guaranteed offers - 77% of estate agents said staging made it easier for buyers to visualise the property as a future home.


What is interior design?

Interior Design is focused on structural changes, the floor plans and functions of space within the house. It allows clients to bring their own ideas to life. Clients can create homes with their own very personal tastes and requirements in mind.

Interior Designers do the opposite of Stagers. They personalise the property to the client’s requirements, whereas Home Staging creates a neutral space – ideal for selling.

Property staging in a Nutshell.

  1. depersonalises a property and Interior Design makes it uniquely personal.
  2. helps a home appeal to a wide range of buyers and Interior Design is all about the owner.
  3. helps sell the space and Interior Design is usually for just the owner to enjoy.
  4. mostly works hand in hand with the Estate Agency industry while Interior Designers work hand in hand with the Design Industry.

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We hope that helps clear up any confusion but do contact us for clarification around your own home projects. We offer free, friendly and informal advice and look forward to helping.



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Much in Little

House Styling - Staging the Home of 'the Queen's favourite'.

Thank you for visiting The Home Styling Company House Styling blog. As followers of our blog will know, we love a House Styling challenge and we also love a quirky and unusual staging commission. Partnering with the developer and a local estate agent, we spent a rewarding couple of days transforming a beautiful but empty property. We created a desirable, charismatic home which appealed to viewers and proves once again the awesome power of home staging.


A Home Packed with History.

Number 29, Melton Road in Oakham is not only the second oldest property in the town but this seventeenth century, Grade II listed cottage is certainly the most famous building in the region. It carries with it a story of royalty, celebrity and extraordinary adventure. The Home Styling Company were thrilled to accept a commission to stage this recently renovated and refurbished Hudson's Cottage. It was for sale through local agents, Osprey Property.
As the blue plaque by the front door announces, the 2/3 bedroomed cottage was the birthplace of Jeffrey Hudson in 1619. Standing at only 18 inches tall Jeffrey was one of the wonders of the age and throughout his life gamely took advantage of his unusual condition. He became the favourite court companion of the English queen, Henrietta Maria of France. There were also pirates and a fatal duel involved… but that’s another story.
The current owner has spared no expense in reimagining Jeffrey’s cottage, creating a unique and contemporary home which stays respectful to the centuries of history contained within. Benefiting from an immaculate thatched roof to the beautifully laid stone floors. Viewers were astounded at just how flexible and attractive this space had become. The ground floor had plenty of room for seating with smart panelling combined with characterful brickwork, oak interior doors and a wealth of interesting nooks and alcoves. It was perfect for showcasing favourite accessories or lamps. Walls and woodwork were painted in a range of muted tones from the same palette to suit all tastes and to work brilliantly as a back drop to carefully chosen furnishings and artwork…. which is where we came in.

Video Tour of Hudson's Cottage in Oakham, Rutland.

Add a Little Staging Magic.

The magic of home staging to sell a property is all about showing potential buyers just how much they would enjoy living there. Hudson’s Cottage had all the glorious potential to wow buyers but before we arrived, it was empty and bare. As with every staging commission, we carefully assessed the space. We created a bespoke plan and curated an interior to showcase the cottage at its beautiful best.
The gorgeous Shaker style fitted kitchen was dressed with dining furniture to show how easily 8 or more guests could dine there. The living spaces were brought to life with stylish, contemporary furniture, art and soft furnishings making them not only feel larger than before but cosy, bright and welcoming.
Upstairs, the stunning bedrooms were simply styled with classically luxurious beds, linen and lamps allowing their elegance to take centre stage. Likewise, the family bathroom and downstairs shower room with their understated white suites and clean lines needed just the right accessories to show them off. (How gorgeous is that roll top bath?).

House Styling - It's all in the details.

This cottage is full of surprises and perhaps the biggest of all is the spacious, newly landscaped garden which we showed could easily be used for al fresco dining. Coffee in the morning sunshine anyone? Or maybe a glass of wine and supper after work on the patio which looks out over the nicely screened lawn.
We had a ball staging Hudson’s Cottage. The perfect alliance between heritage and home, we enjoyed every minute of our partnership with the developer and Osprey Property who couldn't wait to help the new owner strike a deal.
We offer free, friendly and informal advice about your own home staging projects.
We love hearing feedback about the blog, our website and our services so feel free to get in touch. You can also follow and ‘like’ us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

UK Home Staging for overseas owners.

Property Staging - How professional home staging can help your home sell quickly when you’re miles away!

We’ve recently been involved in home staging for clients who are not living locally. It’s that time of year when the prospect of winter ahead becomes a reality.  We all find ourselves starting to measure our own deadlines with the phrase ‘before Christmas’.

Expat sellers depend on us to make sure their homes are in superb shape for viewings. We thought we’d share our approach to helping remote clients sell quickly and with minimal stress.

For more details see our Home Page.

Empty homes lose value.

The biggest problem faced by remote clients face is the fact that their former home is usually empty.  This can be a massive turn off for buyers in the winter months in particular. Nothing looks quite as melancholy as a once well-loved home stripped of its furnishings, cold and bare. That’s certainly not an inspiring look for buyers.  No, they probably won’t ‘use their imagination’.

In addition, we all know how quickly an empty property can start to look neglected and the moment this happens, the value can start to depreciate. Gardens become overgrown, leaflets pile up behind the front door and dust gathers. Very quickly, a smart home can appear abandoned and unkempt. Buyers start to wonder about how sound it is and pass it over for something that looks well cared for instead. Viewings dry up and agents begin to advise the dreaded price reduction.


UK Home Staging for overseas customers.

Hold your nerve

Desperate to avoid further losses and ‘just get the place sold’, remote vendors often settle for a price far below the real market value. Selling a home from a different geographical location is stressful – what you need is someone in your corner. Someone to care enough to show off your home in its very best light.

We’ll be your eyes and ears and the first thing we’ll do is liaise with your agent and visit the property. We’ll submit a full and detailed property report including recommendations for repairs, any essential renovation or redecoration and ongoing maintenance as well as our Home Staging suggestions. You may opt for part staging to give viewers a flavour of how your home looks furnished or go for full staging so they can clearly see how living there would look and feel. All our recommendations come with fully transparent pricing so there are no surprises along the way.

Reboot your look on line with professional Property Staging.


99% of all physical viewings are generated from online interest. Pictures of your empty home won’t attract buyers but staging an empty property with stylish furnishings designed to show off the space to full advantage will change the picture completely. We’ll make sure your property feels like a truly desirable home and then we’ll arrange professional photography for your agent to use online to generate viewings.

See our "Tale of Two Houses Blog" for more great examples and results of Home Staging.

Speedy sales after property staging.

Far from losing value while standing empty, a spruced up, smartly staged home can often sell much more quickly and for more than the original valuation - offering a superb return on your investment.

If your goal is to sell your home before Christmas, we offer free, friendly and informal advice about all kinds of staging projects so why not give us a call?


Denise and Stephen Cable

The Home Styling Company

A tale of two houses – Home Staging Bedford

A tale of two houses - A great result for Property Staging in Bedford.

Thank you for visiting our blog featuring Home Staging in Bedford and a huge thank you to everyone who has responded so positively to our posts. We had a lot of interest in the Thurmaston case study we shared last month so here’s another real life and recent example of our transformation work. This time it's in Bedfordshire.

This is the true tale of two identical homes. One whose owner asked The Home Styling Company to help sell their home and one who didn’t. We think it’s a great example of the power of staging. What do you think?


In October of last year, Mrs G was selling a 1960s three bedroomed property in good condition but much in need of refreshing to help it stand out from the crowd. This well-loved family home was ready for a new occupant to put their own stamp on the place.
Moving out of the area to be nearer her family, Mrs G was keen to achieve a very quick sale. Releasing the equity in her house would leave her free to enjoy her own new chapter.
 Step forward The Home Styling Company team. With 90% of buyers starting their home search on line, it was crucial to make sure that photographs of the property enticed buyers. On line browsers need to book a viewing, visit and ultimately make an offer. I’m a firm believer in the essential role high quality photography plays in telling the story of any home for sale.
Empty of furnishings and in a clean but very dated condition, home staging was the key to bringing this home to life. Our job was to show all the potential the home had to offer and to help buyers imagine themselves living there.

Let the magic begin with Home Staging in Bedford.

We chose from items our expansive range of contemporary furniture, furnishings and accessories and dressed the house from top to bottom. We had a young family or professional couple in mind. Carefully identifying what kind of buyer is likely to be interested in each property is a really important part of the staging process and is always tailored to each project.
After staging, to replace the cold, featureless, empty rooms, browsers on line could see a spacious seating and living space. Also a family dining area, three smart and modern bedrooms and a clutter free neutral kitchen which really showed potential buyers how versatile the space could be.
We were particularly pleased with how the bedrooms turned out. The before and after images are dramatic. We transformed all three bedrooms into warm, comfortable spaces ready to welcome new residents.

Sold in just 5 days. 

From the first day of live marketing, the Agent reported ‘phenomenal interest’ in the property which had multiple viewings and sold in under a week for FULL asking price. A great result for Home Staging in Bedford.
The vendor, buyer and the agent were delighted and we were so pleased that the power of staging had achieved such a fantastic result all round. Here’s what Mrs G’s daughter had to say:
Thanks Denise for your fantastic service! We had a tired empty house that we needed to sell fast. With your intuitive design talent the house looked absolutely awesome and we sold in 5 days!
So what about the second property in this tale?
Coincidentally in the same week an identical property in the same close went up for sale. No staging took place and despite a significant price reduction, that home is still waiting for a buyer almost four months later. Without a doubt, the price drop will have cost the vendor more than they might have invested in staging.

Home Staging & Styling works for our customers.

Our advice to vendors is to improve the presentation of their home as part of their marketing strategy and always before considering a price drop – it’s simply an investment worth making to sell faster and for a better price.
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Stay safe everyone.
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Once upon a time in Leicestershire – Property Styling Midlands

Home Staging Success in Leicestershire.

Welcome to The Home Styling Company (Property Styling Midlands) blog post, this time we’d like to share a story with you.

It does feature a very happy ending BUT it’s no fairy tale. This is the true story of what happened when one Leicestershire property developer decided to invest in home staging. At least one of his dreams came true!

A property styling story.

In November I took a telephone enquiry from a property developer in Leicestershire – let’s call him Ben. Ben had just completed his very first development project and was exploring his options regarding marketing. He was interested to find out how home staging could help sell his property quickly and with the maximum return on his investment.

Property Styling Advice

We chatted at length and after explaining the home staging process thoroughly, I gave Ben the advice I always offer to clients in his position. “The most important thing now is to strike the right balance between presentation, marketing and price. If your property looks fantastic, is pitched at the right price and you have exactly the right agency representation, you have the perfect combination for the best chance of a swift, successful sale.”

How will I know that home styling will work?

Armed with my best advice, Ben hit me with the question I still find most difficult to answer…. “How will I know if staging makes a difference?”

The truth about Home Staging.

The truth is, we can never really know what might have happened if a client had decided not to opt for staging. Would the home still have sold? Maybe – who knows? But maybe not; perhaps that property would stay languishing on the market for months and months, losing money and deteriorating in condition all the time.

A leap of faith into property staging.

Ben decided to put his faith in The Home Styling Company and I am delighted to report that what happened next made him very happy indeed.

Ben’s ‘Styling Godmother’ swooped in. The Home Styling Company team provided full furnishings to all rooms complete with complementary accessories. After carefully selecting just the right furniture and furnishings from our vast stock of homeware, the property immediately came to life and was transformed from a beautifully finished shell into a gorgeous potential home – the magic spell was cast.

To make the most of the transformation, we arranged a portfolio of professional photographs for Ben’s estate agent to use on line, as well as a great video to showcase exactly how potential buyers could use the space – making it effortless for them to imagine themselves living there.

A dream price and outstanding result for Property Staging.

Before staging took place Ben had received a valuation he was happy with. It didn’t quite take him into profit but he would break even. Not a bad result for a first development project right? Of course, but can you imagine how happy he was when his agent increased the valuation by £30,000 after staging took place?

Ben was ready to place his property on the open market and what happened next was a dream come true. Ben’s agent arranged four viewings on the first day of listing and they ALL made an offer!

Ben sold his property for the full asking price and the sale was completed within six weeks. A happy agent, a happy buyer and a VERY happy vendor. Oh and by the way, the buyer purchased lots of the furnishings and accessories we placed which meant we were happy too. It proved we’d pitched the styling absolutely on point.

A happy ever after for Property Styling Midlands!

So, what’s the moral of this story? We can’t ever be sure of what might have happened but we can be sure of what really did happen when Ben put his trust in The Home Styling Company.

This is what Ben had to say when I contacted him to congratulate him on his dream sale:

“Thanks Denise you did a great job. I’m very pleased we decided to have you stage the property. I’m convinced it’s made a substantial difference and feel justified in my decision to spend the extra money. Regardless of the financial or time benefits, no one can argue that there is a tangible improvement to a staged property over an unstaged one.”

Why don’t you have a look at Ben’s property and judge for yourself?

Here are the links to the portfolio of pictures and the video tour.

Portfolio Pictures

Video Images

More proof and more evidence that Home Staging really works see our Bedford Blog.

Thanks for visiting our blog today. See you next time for more Property Styling in the Midlands.

Denise & Stephen

We offer a free consultation (just on the phone at the moment) for advice about your own home staging project, and you’ll find everything you need to know about cost effective solutions to help sell your property on our website.

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