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Staying Covid-19 safe in 2020

Health and safety, keeping our customers, our staff and contractors safe and following Government advice and guidelines is our priority. All staff, colleagues, contractors and clients follow the following principles to stay Covid-19 safe during 2020.

The principles detailed follow the UK Government guidelines on 'working in peoples homes during Covid-19', 'moving home during Covid-19' and advisory for trades people working in peoples homes and deliveries to homes. Links for which can be found at the end of this page.

Staying Covid-19 secure when working in peoples homes


All Associates and contractors follow a minimum of the following 8 point principles.

'Staying Covid-19 Secure in 2020':

1. Check with all staff and contractors on their health status and anxiety before involving in any projects.

2. Clients informed of the following in writing by email and asked to confirm in a reply by email before the appointment/visit:

  •   Confirm that they have no Covid-19 symptoms and detail any underlying conditions which may put them more at risk from COVID-19 infection before the visit.

  •   Client requested to prepare and clean the property prior to arrival - clean door handles and surfaces, leave all doors open in the property prior to arrival. (Door stops to be used where necessary).

  •   Prepare for social distancing with minimum members of the household or project staff present at the appointment/installation. Preferably absent from the property or where this is not possible confined to one room.

3. All furniture and accessories for installation prepared and thoroughly cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaning agent prior to installation. Installation team to wear gloves and clean surfaces and touch points before leaving such as door handles, bannisters and anything touched during the visit.

4. All furniture and accessories to be thoroughly cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaning agent between installations and immediately after collection.

5. All installation staff on site to have personal protective equipment, use of face masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitiser during delivery and set up. Instruction on how to use these safely in accordance with the guidance provided in writing to all colleagues.

6. Initial consultations made available to clients as video consultations wherever possible. Subsequent site visits to take place with social distancing measures and items at 2 in place.

7. Less paperwork for transfer between fewer people. Optional sign off of Inventory paperwork and contract with online digital signature made available where possible.

8. Covid-19 risk assessment results shared with the colleagues and contractors. Risk assessment, Health and Safety policy, Method statement and Accident reporting forms up to date and taken to site in a file with insurance and business terms and conditions documents.


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