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A Tale of Two Houses

Updated: Feb 15

Real Life Success Stories

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for visiting The Home Styling Company blog and a huge thank you to everyone who has responded so positively to our posts. We had a lot of interest in the Thurmaston case study we shared last month so here’s another real life and recent example of our transformation work… this time in Bedfordshire.

This is the true tale of two identical homes; one whose owner asked The Home Styling Company to help sell their home and one who didn’t. We think it’s a great example of the power of staging. What do you think?


In October of last year, Mrs G was selling a 1960s three bedroomed property in good condition but much in need of refreshing to help it stand out from the crowd. This well-loved family home was ready for a new occupant to put their own stamp on the place.

Moving out of the area to be nearer her family, Mrs G was keen to achieve a very quick sale. Releasing the equity in her house would leave her free to enjoy her own new chapter.

Step forward The Home Styling Company team. With 90% of buyers starting their home search on line, it was crucial to make sure that photographs of the property enticed buyers on line to book a viewing and ultimately secure that swift sale. I’m a firm believer in the essential role high quality photography plays in telling the story of any home for sale.

Empty of furnishings and in a clean but very dated condition, home staging was the key to bringing this home to life. Our job was to show all the potential the home had to offer and to help buyers imagine themselves living there.


We chose from our expansive range of contemporary furniture, furnishings and accessories and dressed the house from top to bottom with a young family or professional couple in mind. Carefully identifying what kind of buyer is likely to be interested in each property is a really important part of the staging process and is always tailored to each client.

After staging, in place of cold, featureless, empty rooms, browsers on line could see a spacious seating and living space, a family dining area, three smart and modern bedrooms and a clutter free neutral kitchen which really showed potential buyers how versatile the space could be.

We were particularly pleased with how the bedrooms turned out – the before and after images are dramatic. We transformed all three bedrooms into warm, comfortable spaces ready to welcome new residents.


From the first day of live marketing, the Agent reported ‘phenomenal interest’ in the property which had multiple viewings and sold in under a week for FULL asking price.

The vendor, buyer and the agent were delighted and we were so pleased that the power of staging had achieved such a fantastic result all round. Here’s what Mrs G’s daughter had to say:

“Thanks Denise for your fantastic service! We had a tired empty house that we needed to sell fast. With your intuitive design talent the house looked absolutely awesome and we sold in 5 days!”

So what about the second property in this tale?

Coincidentally in the same week an identical property in the same close went up for sale. No staging took place and despite a significant price reduction, that home is still waiting for a buyer almost four months later. Without a doubt, the price drop will have cost the vendor more than they might have invested in staging.


Our advice to vendors is to improve the presentation of their home as part of their marketing strategy and always before considering a price drop – it’s simply an investment worth making to sell faster and for a better price.

Thanks for visiting our blog today and do get in touch or visit if you would like to know more about the service we offer.

Stay warm and safe everyone.


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