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How Does Home Staging Work?

Our step by step guide to helping you sell fast and for the very best price

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When people ask about what we do we’re only too happy to enlighten them. We’re passionate about our work and the different services we offer so there’s always plenty to say. We collaborate with builders and developers by creating a visual lifestyle in empty homes as well as using our interior design and styling expertise to improve all kinds of living spaces for a diverse client base.

Very much in demand at the moment is our popular ‘Styling and Photoshoot’ service so today we’re just going to concentrate on explaining that process. Here’s the low down on how we help vendors all across the region make sure their homes are looking their beautiful best before being offered for sale.


A quick word about why….There are endless statistics around the power of staging a home to sell but the most compelling two in our opinion are these:

Professionally styled properties typically spend 50% less time on the market and sell for 8% to 10% more.

90% of buyers start their property search online so your property images are your most important marketing tool. They need to be engaging enough to help your home stand out from the crowd and we can certainly help that to happen.


1. Give me a call

You can contact us for a no-obligation quote by telephone or email. It’s important to say that we are a family run company so you’ll find no pushy, commission based sales folk here – just solid, friendly and practical advice for anyone aiming to make their home as appealing as possible to potential buyers. I’m Denise, the founder and owner of the Home Styling Company and it will be me that you speak to in the first instance. I’m fully trained in Home Staging, a member of the Home Styling Association (the professional body for the industry) and an award winning Interior Stylist. I’ll talk to you in detail about your home and what your project entails. There are several options and levels of service to choose from so you’ll decide what’s best for you.

Click on the images below to see the 'before' pictures. Sometimes a little tweaking makes a world of difference to your finished image....

2. Information Gathering

Once you are happy with our quote I will ask you to send me some images of your home. This helps me focus on each room and provide you with targeted advice about how to maximise the potential in your property ready for sale. I can usually do this from photographs to speed things along.

3. Planning and Design

I’ll devise a bespoke plan around decluttering, improving layout and what changes will make a difference to your buyers. Each plan is unique and might involve the whole home or just a couple of key rooms. This preparation is key to a successful and profitable sale.

4. Sourcing and Selecting

When we have a targeted approach to highlight the very best features of your home, I will start to select soft furnishings and accessories from our vast collection, that will all be chosen to enhance your existing furniture, all chosen to ensure maximum web click leading to those all-important viewings.

5. Styling & Photoshoot Day

On the chosen date for your Styling Day, I will arrive with lots of beautiful accessories ready to style up each room for your photographs. I will give you a checklist of items before the day to help maximise my visit, for instance ensure all your lightbulbs are working and remove all personal toiletries from the bathroom. This is my favourite part of the process and where I can really flex my creative muscles on your behalf. It’s also where we see the results of all our careful planning. I use my styling expertise to enhance your home with all the furnishings, props and accessories I selected to transform your home into a buyers dream. Take a look at some of the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots in our website portfolio – we hope you agree they really demonstrate the transformative power of staging.

6. Professional Photography With your home now looking its finest, we arrange for a professional photographer to shoot each newly styled room and provide a set of high resolution images to be used in all the marketing material your estate agent will need - both online and in print. Nothing beats professional photography and this is one of the secret weapons we use to make sure we attract serious buyers, increase the value of your home and secure a fast sale. I can organise this for you to follow straight on from the staging, or work alongside your selected agent. I can also recommend the very best agents in your area for your particular style of property.

7. Ready for Market

Once your images are ready – usually in a couple of days, then you are ready to go, knowing you have done absolutely everything possible to ensure your property launch is a roaring success.

So that’s it – one example of how we operate. You’ll notice I didn’t say ‘typical’ as we don’t deal in typical. Every single client’s circumstances are unique and from your initial enquiry to raising a glass to your successful sale, you will be treated as a valued individual.

Here’s what one recent client had to say….

“Many thanks to The Home Styling Company for styling our house in preparation for sale. Sometimes it is difficult to ‘see’ the house you have lived in for many years through the eyes of a prospective buyer, which is why we called on Denise to look with a more experienced, professional eye. Because of COVID restrictions, the initial consultation was done via emails and photographs of the property which Denise obviously studied carefully as, when she arrived, she brought a wonderful selection of furnishings and ‘props’ which she skilfully combined with our own furnishings to significantly enhance and update our rooms and make them appealing to a wider market. It was remarkable how she was able to use our furnishings and her own to pull together a coherent look! She also worked with the agent and his photographer to present the house to its best advantage. It was a delight to work with Denise. She is the perfect blend of professional and friendly and was very easy to communicate with. In addition, she worked strictly within COVID restrictions throughout the day. Her prices are very fair considering the preparation she had done prior to arrival, the beautiful array of furnishings she provided to enhance the appeal of the property to potential buyers and how hard she worked on the day. We can’t thank her enough and, in fact, we have have asked her to work with us in furnishing our new home later in the year".


We offer free, friendly and informal advice about your own home staging projects.

We love hearing feedback about the blog, our website and our services so feel free to get in touch. You can also follow and ‘like’ us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Tel: 07870 751108

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