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Hi Everyone

Welcome to the regular blogpost from The Home Styling Company – our award winning home staging and styling company serving Leicestershire, Rutland and the East Midlands.

Thanks to everyone who’s reading our latest blog on a regular basis – it’s great to know you’re enjoying them and keep all your reactions and ideas coming.

What would you like us to blog about??

Well in this most unusual year there have been winners and losers across all aspects of the property business. If your home has been on the market with no success so far, you may be wondering about the chances of a sale during the Christmas period….

We say hold your nerve and take a look at our guide to staging and selling over the festive season.

There are plenty of excellent reasons for staying positive and encouraging viewings over the holiday season.

Something about spending time at home with family encourages a churn in the property market – a fact borne out by Rightmove’s record breaking 25 million page views on Boxing Day 2019.

Potential buyers have more time to research the market on line and to view properties that catch their eye. Although there may be fewer viewings, buyers that do view are usually serious about finding a new home and not just curious.

Many vendors throw in the towel in December and return their property to market in the spring; this means the pool of available homes for sale is smaller – good news for those that remain on sale. If you remove your home from sale and return in the new year, you’ll have many more properties to compete with.


Want to sell your house this Christmas and wondering how to stage it?

Selling over the Christmas period means walking a fine line between making your home feel warm and welcoming and turning buyers off. Even at Christmas, the usual rule of helping buyers imagine themselves living there ALWAYS applies.

Here are six of our best home staging tips to sell your home faster during the holidays.

1. Depersonalise the Decorations

As always, your own personal life should never feature prominently so avoid decorations your children made in nursery or dozens of cards stuck to every surface. Selling a home at Christmas means that less is more when it comes to decorations. Use them cleverly to enhance the best features of the house.

2. Classic is King

Whatever your personal taste or usual display, keep things simple and classic. Avoid anything ‘humorous’ – no inflatable snowmen or reindeer on the roof this year. Don’t overdo coloured lights; simple white lights add a festive touch without blinding your buyers during viewings.

3. Lose the tree?

Think carefully about a Christmas tree. If it’s too big it distracts viewers and can make the room feel small and a tiny tree can seem a bit depressing. Decorate a tree only if you have a really great room to place it – preferably one with a really high ceiling. Avoid placing presents underneath – they take up valuable floor space. A large porch or spacious hallway can be great alternative venues for siting a tastefully decorated tree too.

4. Take some tips from Scandinavia

In Scandinavian countries homes are often ‘dressed for Winter’ rather than specifically for Christmas. Think subtly scented candles, lots of fresh foliage, carefully placed rugs and cosy throws. Always light the fire if you can – a great way to celebrate winter and welcome visitors in from the cold.

5. Highlighting Features

Choosing great accessories will highlight your home’s best features and draw the attention of buyers. If you have an elegant fireplace, dress it with traditionally timeless white candles and a natural wreath that suits the style of the house.

6. Let There Be Light

Clean and polish your windows till they shine, keeping window sills clear to allow as much natural light in as possible. With daylight fading in the afternoon, install outdoor lighting to give buyers a helping hand to see your home and create a warm glow. Putting up a security light that illuminates the front of the property will make a difference.

And finally… make sure you know exactly when your estate agent is working over the Christmas and New Year period and equally - make sure they know you are ready to welcome buyers.

Good luck!


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