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The Three Crucial Ingredients to Net the Best Results From Your House Sale

Updated: Jul 8

With the nation firmly fixated on a glorious sporting summer, our thoughts turned to the kind of seamless teamwork that sells houses fast and for the very best price. We’ve diluted the game plan down to three steps to success.

Hi Everyone

Thank you for visiting The Home Styling Company blog and thanks too for every view and share. Let me begin by asking a question…. Did you know that the average home owner puts a property on the market only once every seventeen years? No wonder then that the process might have changed dramatically since many of us last sold a home.

In today’s digital marketing world selling your home can feel overwhelming so let us help you navigate the new landscape by guiding you through the three vital steps to make your property sale simpler, faster and more profitable.

1. Professional Home Staging

Presenting your property professionally will dramatically improve the sales potential of your home. A quick glance through our blog history will show how home staging can help your home stand out from the crowd from the very first day it goes on the market. Have a look at some of our ‘before and after’ case studies to see the difference we make to properties large and small. As a fully qualified, professional home stager I see your property with expert eyes and am able to give you an honest appraisal of how best to style it for the local market. Buyers want to imagine a lifestyle so I use my skills to tweak existing items or add more furnishings to make that a reality. Layout is important too and if your home needs redecorating, we have trusted trades people we recommend.

2. Showcasing with professional photography and videography

99% of first viewing appointments are made after buyers spot a property that catches their eye online. An average potential buyer spends only 7 seconds scanning property images, so the home needs to capture their interest pretty quickly. Using a professional photographer adept at lighting, angle of shot and expert post shoot editing will ensure images of your home stand out as buyers scroll through.

The Home Styling Company team often work with Elli Dean Photography. Elli is a highly experienced commercial and property photographer who uses a number of different lenses for different room sizes. “It’s important to get the angles and verticals in the room accurate” she explains. “Image distortion can create disappointment when images don’t reflect reality so we work to achieve the best representation. Detail and lifestyle shots also add important visualisation to the usual shots we take for Agents. The partnership between the Home Stager and the photographer makes a huge difference. A professional stager will prepare each room down to the very finest detail to make sure I can capture the home looking its very best.”

3. Choosing the right Estate Agent will bring the best offers

Not all Estate Agents are the same. Choosing the right agent to sell your property is crucial to bringing in the best offers and keeping the sale on track – especially when you consider that a shocking 50% of property which goes to market in the UK is withdrawn without selling. A highly personal decision, word of mouth is still often the best indicator of an agent who will support you every step of the way to achieve the best results and a smooth sale.

Savvy agents know that managing the presentation of your property before photography and videography can make a significant difference to the sales potential of the home even if it’s in a prime location.

Three Steps to a Winning Combination

Like all the best solutions, selling your home for the best price can be surprisingly simple. Time after time, we’ve proven that the combination of an expert Home Stager, a professional Photographer and a proactive Estate Agent is the fundamental key to achieving the swiftest sale and the best selling price for any home.


We offer free, friendly and informal advice about your own home staging projects so why not give us a call?

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