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Help...My House Won't Sell!

Updated: Jan 31

Plans on hold because your house won't sell?

It's time to check out our list of common mistakes that might be holding buyers back

Hi Everyone

Welcome to The Home Styling Company blog post where today we’re sharing some of our best tips and advice around selling your property quickly and for the best price.

There are lots of misconceptions around selling houses – after all it’s something most of us don’t do all that often. It’s likely that buyers’ priorities and attitudes have changed since last time you sold a home.

There have been quite a few changes in the last 12 months let alone 12 years!

We’ll tell you about five of the most common mistakes vendors make and how to address them to make sure your home stands out from the Rightmove crowd.

1. The Price is Right

Sounds obvious but a fair price in line with the local market is still something vendors often get wrong. If your house is put up for sale initially for too much money, inevitably you’ll have to reduce it. Buyers will notice the reduction, wonder why it isn’t selling and assume there are problems with the property or that you’re desperate.

Be realistic over price. Engage several professional and experienced Estate Agents and listen to their advice.

It’s in everyone’s interests to achieve the best price possible but imagining your home is worth more than it really is won’t help.

Show Home Kitchen, virtual styling

2. Looks Are Important

Don’t assume buyers can ‘see past’ problems with presentation. Why should they?

Potential buyers are an online swipe away from either engaging with images of your home or scrolling on if they don’t like what they see. The visual marketing of your home is more important than ever – especially at the moment with the Covid disruption to live viewings.

The vast majority of vendors don’t bother with staging their home so if you do, it’s easy to stand out from the crowd. Ensure professional photographs are taken by either yourself or the agent.

Invest some time (definitely) and money (probably) in making sure your home looks it’s very best. Remember potential buyers are almost certainly looking at gorgeous images of beautiful homes on many different platforms so you need to make your home appealing.

Sell Fast and Sell High, top tips for house selling
Home styling befores and afters!

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3. Be Honest With Yourself

A little bit of tough love here but it’s vital to take all the emotion out of the selling process.

Vendors often truly love their home and expect potential buyers to be charmed by it’s ‘character’ and ‘personality’. Wrong.

There’s a very good reason why professional home stagers and property experts advise the neutralisation and depersonalisation of décor in any home before it goes on the market.

Buyers need to imagine themselves in your home and could not be less interested in your taste – especially if it can be described as ‘quirky’ – the word most likely to make an estate agent’s heart sink.

If you can’t be ruthlessly honest about the way your home looks then engage the opinion of someone with no emotional attachment to the property – or better still, a Home Staging Professional. Remember, you’re aiming to secure a buyer not an endorsement of your personal taste and the two are often mutually exclusive.

4. Identify Your Buyer

Identify your target buyer

Again, it sounds so obvious but the majority of vendors simply don’t think this through. Tailor your home to the needs of the kind of buyer most likely to be interested. It’s basic stuff but nine out of ten vendors don’t bother.

Identify your target buyer

Clearing that spare room and popping an inexpensive desk in there immediately says, ‘We have an office – you can work from home.

Making room for a dining table in a cluttered, overcrowded kitchen says, ‘This is a great space for entertaining.’

Identify your target buyer

Again, taking advice from a professional home stager will not only transform the way buyers view your home but encourage those most likely to make a serious offer.

5. Invest a Little to Save a Lot

In the UK we have been conditioned to avoid spending money on a property that’s for sale. We just don’t see it as a good investment. BUT if your home doesn’t sell in the first two or three months, your agent might advise a drop in price.

A price drop is likely to equate to a much greater financial loss than investing in presentation to help you sell. Home Staging and furniture rental are available at a modest cost to help make the best of your property.

Before you drop your price, look at similar property in your area and if sales are being made then it’s much more likely that presentation is your problem.

Top tips for selling your home, sell your house.

Our experience is that making an investment in improving your home’s appearance will pay off more quickly and much more efficiently than dropping your price – and we have the case studies to prove it.

In summary:

1. Price realistically

2. Looks are important

3. Be honest with yourself

4. Identify your target buyer

5. Invest a little

Thanks for visiting today and look out for our next blog where we’ll tell you all about a client who took the advice in point number 5 and saw fantastic results.

See you next time.


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