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Worried Your Empty Home Will Never Sell?

Updated: Mar 14

Here’s how professional home staging can help you sell quickly…. And for a better price.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the regular blogpost from The Home Styling Company – our award winning home staging and styling company serving Leicestershire, Rutland and the East Midlands.

Thanks to everyone who read the last blog – your kind comments and positive responses are much appreciated by the team.

We’ve had lots of enquiries from visitors to the blog about the best way to sell an empty property so this time we are responding to some frequently asked questions; challenging some misconceptions and offering some trade secrets that we hope you’ll find useful.

There are many reasons why an empty property might come to market; it may be a brand new build, the vendors may have taken up residence elsewhere, a previous sale may have fallen through, the owner may be selling from abroad or former tenants may have moved on. Whatever the circumstances, vendors always want to secure a swift sale for an empty property – especially in the winter when wet or freezing weather can cause maintenance problems and make a cold empty space even less appealing.

Here are five good reasons and some compelling evidence why a professionally staged home will sell more quickly and more profitably:

Stage It To Sell It Fast

“Will my empty property really sell faster if I have it professionally staged?”

Definitely. But we would say that wouldn’t we? Some recent independent evidence published by Rightmove is pretty persuasive. They found that professionally staged homes spend 50% less time on the market. An empty home that has been languishing on the books of an agent can be transformed by home staging to reignite viewing interest leading to much more chance of a sale.

“I don’t really want to spend money on furnishing an empty property…”

Very few private vendors or developers can lay their hands on enough homeware and furniture to make an entire empty property look its best and buying from scratch is costly, time consuming, wasteful and unnecessary. That’s where professional staging companies can make a difference by providing stylish interiors including furnishings, accessories and all the inviting finishing touches that turn an empty space into a cosy home. Showing your property off to its full potential gives you the very best opportunity to sell fast.

“I need every penny from this sale so I can’t afford professional staging…”

We understand that money always matters and that profit from one sale is usually crucial to the funding of the next move. Far from being a drain on your bottom line, professional staging will often mean you can demand a better price.

More compelling research by Rightmove found that staged homes can sell for between 8 and 10% more. Yes, there will be an initial investment – an average of 2% (often much less) but on a return of up to 10% it could be one well worth making.

For example:

(Based on 2% investment)

A £250k property could potentially earn you an extra £20k profit

A £350k property could potentially earn you an extra £28k profit

A £550k property could potentially earn you an extra £44k profit

A £750k property could potentially earn you an extra £60k profit

“Buyers prefer to imagine their own furnishings in an empty space..”

Are you sure? Leaving potential buyers to make up their own mind about how your property might fit their lifestyle is far riskier than showing them clearly.

An empty property can be cold and uninviting no matter how wonderful the blank canvas. It is very difficult for a potential buyer to engage emotionally with an empty property; they are looking for a new home, not just a house.

A staged home helps a potential buyer imagine your property as their own future home and increases their willingness to pay for it.

“An empty home looks bigger doesn’t it?

No. Evidence shows that without any reference points to focus on, buyers often perceive rooms as smaller than they actually are.

It’s also very challenging to photograph an empty property where each room can end up looking the same. With buyers searching online for their potential new home, photographs of empty properties are not going to grab their attention. A beautifully styled room however most certainly will.

So don't leave them to their own devices - show them.


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