Posted:14th January 2022

UK Home Staging for overseas owners.

Property Staging - How professional home staging can help your home sell quickly when you’re miles away!

We’ve recently been involved in home staging for clients who are not living locally. It’s that time of year when the prospect of winter ahead becomes a reality.  We all find ourselves starting to measure our own deadlines with the phrase ‘before Christmas’.

Expat sellers depend on us to make sure their homes are in superb shape for viewings. We thought we’d share our approach to helping remote clients sell quickly and with minimal stress.

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Empty homes lose value.

The biggest problem faced by remote clients face is the fact that their former home is usually empty.  This can be a massive turn off for buyers in the winter months in particular. Nothing looks quite as melancholy as a once well-loved home stripped of its furnishings, cold and bare. That’s certainly not an inspiring look for buyers.  No, they probably won’t ‘use their imagination’.

In addition, we all know how quickly an empty property can start to look neglected and the moment this happens, the value can start to depreciate. Gardens become overgrown, leaflets pile up behind the front door and dust gathers. Very quickly, a smart home can appear abandoned and unkempt. Buyers start to wonder about how sound it is and pass it over for something that looks well cared for instead. Viewings dry up and agents begin to advise the dreaded price reduction.


UK Home Staging for overseas customers.

Hold your nerve

Desperate to avoid further losses and ‘just get the place sold’, remote vendors often settle for a price far below the real market value. Selling a home from a different geographical location is stressful – what you need is someone in your corner. Someone to care enough to show off your home in its very best light.

We’ll be your eyes and ears and the first thing we’ll do is liaise with your agent and visit the property. We’ll submit a full and detailed property report including recommendations for repairs, any essential renovation or redecoration and ongoing maintenance as well as our Home Staging suggestions. You may opt for part staging to give viewers a flavour of how your home looks furnished or go for full staging so they can clearly see how living there would look and feel. All our recommendations come with fully transparent pricing so there are no surprises along the way.

Reboot your look on line with professional Property Staging.


99% of all physical viewings are generated from online interest. Pictures of your empty home won’t attract buyers but staging an empty property with stylish furnishings designed to show off the space to full advantage will change the picture completely. We’ll make sure your property feels like a truly desirable home and then we’ll arrange professional photography for your agent to use online to generate viewings.

See our "Tale of Two Houses Blog" for more great examples and results of Home Staging.

Speedy sales after property staging.

Far from losing value while standing empty, a spruced up, smartly staged home can often sell much more quickly and for more than the original valuation - offering a superb return on your investment.

If your goal is to sell your home before Christmas, we offer free, friendly and informal advice about all kinds of staging projects so why not give us a call?


Denise and Stephen Cable

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