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Top 12 Home Stagers Tips - Home Styling Guide.

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

12 Home Styling Tips to help you prepare your home for marketing to sell.

1. Cushions

A really easy way to instantly update that fading sofa or boring bed and add colour, texture and interest at the same time. Try an accent colour that complements the decoration in the room; perhaps take inspiration from a piece of art, or a favourite ornament, and no..... you can never have too many cushions!

2. Rugs A large deep rug can transform a room, adding warmth and style. You don't have to spend a fortune on them; decide on a budget and stick to it. You should be able to get a large rug 200 x 290 for under £150 if you shop around. If everything in your room is plain, add a patterned one, and if you already have a range of patterns going on then add a plain one. Rugs are also a great way to disguise a dated carpet or one past its best.

3. Fruit Fill a big glass vase full of fruit of just one type. For example oranges, or shiny green apples look fantastic when piled into a tall vase. Not only does this add instant colour to your kitchen, it also looks stylish and different and will impress your buyers.

4. Flowers The trick with flowers is to ensure they match the style of the home and the room itself. Seasonal colour can be great but can also date your photos. Fresh green foliage on its own creates instant impact. Arrangements don't need to be elaborate. Local markets are great for more unusual (and bigger) flowers at great prices.

5. Tempt their taste buds A Victoria sponge on a pretty cake stand, with a cafetiere of coffee looks fabulous on a property brochure. Or a stylish teapot with a plate of scones and strawberries - colourful and delicious! Just look through some property magazines and you will see food features quite heavily.

6. Lay on the Lifestyle This tip usually involves alcohol! A bottle of bubbly and some glasses in front of the fire, or a couple of G & T's on the patio can add a romantic flavour to your property photographs. A good excuse to keep the wine stock topped up!

7. R & R Corner Creating a little corner for rest and relaxation is easy; all you need is a comfy chair, and a side table with a lamp. Then pick some luxury magazines, or a decorative coffee table book, add a stylish cup to complete the look and let your viewers imagine themselves in your little corner of heaven (even if you never get time to sit in it!)

8. Indulgent Toiletries Hide away your supermarket specials; this is the time to splurge! Brands matter in bathrooms and cloakrooms. Choose Molton Brown, The White Company and Jo Malone (or head to TK Maxx like I do) for those luxury touches that will make your buyers feel extra special.

9. Beautiful Bed Linen Think boutique hotel. I always opt for white. It doesn't have to be expensive - you can purchase a white satin stripe duvet set at a very reasonable cost. Out with the pancake need 4 well plumped pillows on a double or king bed, 4 cushions and a throw to complete the look.

10. Towels Treat your home to some gorgeous new towels - white and fluffy if possible (and make sure nobody uses them - that's the hard bit!) Whip them out for a viewing so they stay looking their best.

11. A Comfortable Atmosphere Create an ambience to encourage your viewers to linger. Play relaxing background music, light some candles. Always have your table lamps switched on. Heating on or windows open - plenty of fresh air!

12. Don't Forget the Outside Set the scene - if you're selling in summer, then show off your outside space. Get the power washer out, pull the weeds, dress your table and add some colourful pots. Put your cushions on any furniture, and add a few lanterns and candles. A new doormat is also worth splashing out on. First impressions and all that......

So Remember........

  1. Choose your agent wisely

  2. Great presentation is invaluable

  3. Professional photography is vital

  4. A realistic selling price is crucial

With all these factors in place, your property will fly off the property shelf

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