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Show Homes: Cost Effective Solutions

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Do you want to market your product looking its absolute best?

Do you have empty new builds that are costing you money every day that they don't sell?

Do you want to achieve the highest market value for your properties?

A fully dressed show-home can be delivered within 2 weeks for less than you think!

It is well documented that buyers make up their mind to buy a home almost as soon as they walk through the door. So how do you ensure that buyers will be making that decision when they walk into one of your properties on one of your developments?

You may not have installed a show home or staged a property before because:

1. You assume they are too expensive

2. It hasn't been planned as part of your marketing strategy

3. You don't want the hassle of organising one

4. You don't have the time to source and plan the interior

5. You don't like the 'look' of some show homes

The Home Styling Company can do it all for you at a very reasonable price.

1. We will provide you with cost effective solutions and options such as fully or partly staged properties

2. Our furniture can be purchased or rented whichever suits you best

3. As award winning professional Home Stagers our objective is to style properties to sell not just to look good

4. Our show homes are stylish, tasteful and not 'over done' or glitzy

5. The furniture can be sold to the buyer as a marketing incentive

6. We can professionally photograph your show home if required

7. We offer a fast turnaround with just 2 weeks from order to installation

8. We work with a range of estate agents to develop a marketing package for your product

9. Our price will include all design, delivery, installation, styling and uplift and will be in discussion with you incorporating your brief, brand, target market, budget and timescale

What are the benefits of having a Show Home on a development?

1. Statistics for developers in The Home Staging Report 2019 (Home Staging Association UK) report that:

  • 100% of developers saw staging increase the number of viewings

  • 100% of developers saw their staged properties sell faster than non-staged ones

  • 83% of developers said staging increased the offer price typically between 8 and 10% per property

2. A show home is your shop window - it draws people in and makes them want to BUY.

3. A show home provides a spotlight on your product.

4. A professionally designed show home appeals to a wide range of people reflecting on the lifestyle and age group of your target market.

5. A show home creates a great first impression, critical in converting to a sale

6. A show home promotes your image as a company. They generate excitement, a talking point and make a visit memorable

That will be why major house builders will always invest in a show home regardless of the size of their development - they recognise the effectiveness in turning viewings into sales.

What do you need?

You need a show home that is in keeping with your brand, your target market, is tasteful, stylish, shows your product off and turns viewings into sales.

We can provide you with stylish, tastefully designed interiors that will enhance your product and wow your buyers. We can offer a full package including window dressings etc, but we would recommend that this is not always necessary, especially if you are looking for the most cost effective option. Beautifully furnished and accessorised spaces will clearly show off your properties full potential.

As award winning Home Stagers who regularly design and install show homes, we often can't resist viewing other show homes - call it an occupational hazard!

What do we see? Well often we see beautifully designed, tasteful show homes, but we also see homes that we consider are over the top, too specific in taste and quite often too 'glitzy'. On purchasing we would need to embark on a full redecoration scheme!

The whole point of a show home is to appeal to as many prospective buyers as possible which sometimes seems to be overlooked. The reason? Sometimes these properties are designed by interior designers whose sole focus is on the aesthetic outcome. We as professional Home Stagers design interiors with the focus on selling.

Home Stagers are trained to perfectly dress homes to connect with a specific target market. We are providing you with your most powerful marketing tool, ensuring your property looks stunning. We can also photograph your properties with these goals in mind, so not just photographing rooms, but capturing the lifestyle your buyers are aspiring to.

Investing in a show home is not up for discussion as that is definitely the right choice. However you do not need to be paying for unnecessary over the top fussiness. You need smart, stylish inspirational but achievable interior spaces that will help your buyers fall in love with their future home. You need to get properties sold.

Often smaller house builders will overlook investing in a show home as they say they can't afford one. One key point is vital here: the cost of the show home SHOULD be incorporated into the overall marketing budget for the development AT THE START of the project and spread across the entire development in the same way as the costs of sales staff, local advertising and landscaping.

So how does having a show home benefit your prospective buyers and in turn your sales figures?

1. A show home is a vital tool for a buyer as it helps them envisage their new home.

2. It's a fact that unfurnished rooms appear smaller, and many buyers will struggle to imagine how their furniture might fit. Show homes show clearly how rooms will work for buyers, they are not left wondering.

3. A show home will give a property life and soul turning an empty shell into a home, awakening buyers emotions and allowing them to connect with the property because they can actually imagine themselves living there.

If you don't have a show home.....

Then you are risking harming your overall profit margin through slower sales and a lower perceived value of your product.

If you would like to talk to us then please get in touch. We would love to meet with you and show you some of our past projects and talk about your future plans and how we can help.We are based near Market Harborough and cover all neighbouring counties.

Denise and Stephen Cable

The Home Styling Company

07870 751108

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