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Hobs, Radiators and Switches.... What do these have in common?

Answer - They are all regularly used as key photographs to sell high value new build properties, as examples of their best features.

The problem is that in an unfurnished property there is very little of interest to photograph, no matter how amazing the build is. Every room can look similar when left empty.

These are just some examples of why Property Staging, Show Homes or View Homes are so important as a method to portray a sense of value, lifestyle and engagement with your target market.

There are thousands of similar looking properties listed on the web portals and it's important that yours stands out from the crowd and gets viewers over the doorstep and into their new lives.

Once you get that all important viewing, and your buyer is in your fantastic high end kitchen, they can touch and feel the oven knob and imagine the Sunday roast cooking to perfection whilst looking through the bifolds at the children playing happily in the landscaped garden.

Once inside the spacious master bedroom with fitted wardrobes and en-suite, they can admire the brushed chrome power sockets and imagine waking up to that amazing view every morning.

Taps, radiators and shower heads are all important features in everyday life but arguably not a reason on their own to travel to your site to view your property! Online buyers are not going to get excited over an image of a tap.

Don't leave it all to your buyers imagination - show them, engage with them and inspire them. Great lifestyle marketing images get real interest and viewings.

Staged property sells faster and for a greater return.

No one parts with a million pounds because they like the radiators or the taps!

Your images need to show the fabulous spaces you have created looking their absolute best. That cannot be achieved if they are left empty.

The Home Styling Company can offer you cost effective solutions to get your properties sold.

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